Gobhi (cauliflower) is the nicest vegetable among all vegentables.

Gobhi is Prem from Sooraj Barjatya movies.

It’s Ant-Man from the Marvel Universe.

It’s Boroplus in a world of tanning creams.

You see, gobhi is nice, it’s powerful but it’s humble. 

You will never find it trying to overshadow other veggies. Gobhi is a team player.

My Weekend Kitchen

While carrots and peas fight to be the highlight of the pulaao, gobhi silently adds flavour to it. It mingles with the masalas and makes up for potatoes’ absence occasionally. 

Whisk Affair

The OG Gobhi takes whatever form we give it. It molds itself according to our desires. 

You can grate it for paranthas, boil it for sabzi, sauté it for sautéed veggies, put it in manchurian, marinate it for gobhi pakodas.

Yummy Tummy

You can eat it with anything, as anything. 

The last time someone was this nice, Akshay Kumar made a biopic on them.

As if all of this was not enough, you can also make soup from gobhi.

Gobhi is like Priyanka Chopra from What’s Your Raashee? 


Gobhi is resilient, too. It keeps hearing bratty kids going ‘ew, gobhi‘, but it doesn’t let the criticism affect its mental peace. 

Gobhi gives life lessons simply by existing. 

Bombay To Goa

Gobhi has ‘go’ in its name, but it only comes, laden with love and care. You do you, gobhi. Never lose your identity.