This winter, my cold heart wants to confess my love for the best companion anyone can ask for: Heat pads.

I have so many emotions attached to them, I might cry. 


No really, sometimes I do. 

When you come home at night after buying that one fucking packet of milk that you forgot earlier, when the geyser suddenly stops working mid-bath, that’s when the touch of the heat pad can make you go like maybe, maybe heaven is a place on Earth.


It comforts you like nothing else. 

I mean, burning wood/coal or those fancy things you find at weddings are all great, but can you sleep with them?

In the end, it’s all about the one you can sleep with (jokes yaar jokes).

Now, what can one say about the electric gel pads? They are a blessing. They are angels. They are heroes.

You charge them for 5 minutes and they are warm for 5 hours. Like, what is this perfection?

And they can be used for cramps and muscle pain, too. Sometimes, they are the only thing that can be used for cramps and muscle pain.


There have been times my gel pad has straight up saved my life.

They are very adjusting, too. You wanna put them on your chest? Go ahead. You wanna put them on your feet? Go ahead. You wanna put them on the skin between your arm pit and stomach, do that. 

They will settle wherever, they won’t say no.


I put mine on my head, too – which makes for a spectacle but who cares?

Today, a colleague saw my heat pad and she stopped just to tell me ‘it’s a blessing, isn’t it?’

That’s when you know you made the right decision. Heat pads have my heart and soul and I can’t thank their inventor enough, like ever.