There are some who put sugar in their morning tea and then there are some Indians who put a drop of adrenaline into it. As these brave hearted ladies & gentlemen will show you , life’s too short to play it safe. Jason Statham, you might wanna take down some notes.

Just as a precaution, please don’t try these stunts at home. And even if you do, please don’t blame us.

All said and done, chalo, aaj kuch toofani karte hain!

1. Aap ke andar bhi toofan hai.

Source: Funn Fun

2. Cars are for losers.

Source: Phil Hosda

3. Balls of steel.

Source: My India Pictures

4. The real SAW.

Source: Indya 101

5. Fuck Electro.

Source: Taringa

6. Surprise, MoFo!

Source: Funn Fun

7. Selfie with mah’ hommies.

Source: Oh Shit 2

8. Aaja pench ladaate hain.

Source: Silent drummer 93

9. Look ma, no hands!

Source: Pantip

10. Heeee-haaaw!

Source: College Humor

11. Ek se mera kya hoga?

Source: Desi Dime

12. Abhi bhi time hai, grace marks dede.

Source: Ay Blog

13. Hud hud dabbomb dabbomb dabbomb.

Source: Erodov

14. Iss baar Olympics mein gold medal pakka.

Source: Funn Fun

15. You can have the window seat.

Source: Funn Fun

16. Journey To The Center Of The Earth

Source: abc

17. Behen ki Hand!

Source: Do 420

18. Uday Chopra & Abhishek Bachchan woohoo!

Source: Jalopnik

19. Take that, Wright brothers!

Source: Mpasho

20. A close shave isn’t close enough.

Source: Thaker Sudhir

21. Dhoom machale.

Source: Majakia

22. That’s how you get the chicas!

Source: Lol Indian

23. Save water. Recycle

Source: Mr Popat

24. And that’s how I survived ‘The Day After Tomorrow.’

Source: Punjabi dharti

25. North of The Wall.

Source: Funtime

26. I eat technology for breakfast.

Source: Amusing fun

27. Ima create my own Nigara Falls.

Source: Ntoine

28. Because chivalry.

Source: Evil Milk

29. When Ram Gopal Varma went darr ke AAG-ey .

Source: Apun ka choice

30. Har fiqr ko dhuen mein udaata chala gaya.

Source: QwQ4

31. Ball’s eye!

Source: Funn Fun

32. Just getting some fresh air.

Source: Dusky Wonder Site

33. Let’s buy some slaves!

Source: Funn Fun

34. When life closes a door, find a window.

Source: Funn Fun

35. Bring it on!

Source: Jokeroo

36. What’s a human caterpillar?

Source: Indrasen Reddy

37. Surfin!

Source: Idida Funny

38. Because chicken is vegetarian.

Source: My India Pictures

39. Wolverine pedicure.

Source: Life gives you the d

40. Dandiya time bitches!

Source: bcbilli

41. Valar Morghulis!

Source: My India Pictures

Always look twice before crossing the road. ‘Cause the driver is as fearless as you.