The ‘Aaj Sadak Pe’ baby is a crowd favorite. Nobody went aww over this whining, crying little thing. People just laughed at the kid’s misery .

But have you ever wondered what it’s trying to tell you? Isn’t it answering some profound questions. Isn’t it mocking our society? Here is something that tops all your illogical thoughts. We present to you the possible reasons that made the baby tremble with fear!

1. Trust MJ to make any kid shit bricks.

2. Anil Kapoor is obviously the best person for hair advice.

3. Future plans freak everyone out, right?

4. The baby would rather be on the sadak than be Abhishek Bachchan.

5.”Hey Ma, what’s for dinner?” seems like an ordinary question until…

6. Baby value his own life.

7. Poor baby want a maalish from mommy but…

8. Baby think ” padh likh kar bada aadmi banoonga, ” but life had other plans.

9. “Candy. That’s all I wanted.”


11. Sajid be the new Chucky and he scary.

12. Lullabies are supposed to soothe you to sleep, except when…

13. Baby don’t want to play goti with Crime Master Gogo.

14. Oh God, WHY?

15. I dream of a bright future but this man take it away…

Poor kid. It seems being on the sadak was the least of his worries.