Aaj Tak always takes news reporting very seriously. When they don’t find anything newsworthy happening on planet Earth, they decide to explore the universe for some breaking news. And more often than not, they succeed.

Because #SabseTez.

Notice how they’re damn sure that one of the aliens is from the movie ‘Aliens’.

That’s some responsible reporting right there people.

However, Aaj Tak recently posted a video of them having a live conversation with a spirit.

Which made me wonder; Is Aaj Tak turning to the dark side?

At first, I’d thought that this was just a one time phenomena. But then I realized, that Aaj Tak has always been fascinated with ‘other worldly’ creatures.

Don’t believe me? Here’s proof.

1. Pretty sure they weren’t talking about the judge.

2. They work really hard to establish the existence of ghosts.

Even if that means they have to spend a night with them.


3. They believe in justice for all. And that includes ghosts as well.

Hence, cold blooded murders of ghosts must be reported.

4. Forget human trafficking. Reporting ghost trafficking is far more important.

5. It’s not as if they only cover ghosts. They also cover day to day events*.

*Provided they have an element of supernatural.

6. Khabar aisi honi chahiye, ki dekhne waale ki cheekh nikal jaaye.

7. They know even ghosts can do a little ‘chitting’ every now and then.

8. So what if you’re dead? Love is eternal.

9. Maybe they’d been jailed for scaring the shit out of someone.

10. They were the first ones to report that even ghosts hate school.

Sabse tez indeed!