It comes as a little surprise that Salman Khan’s latest offering, Bajrangi Bhaijaan , is making new box-office records everyday. After all, Bhai ki film hai boss. But what was surprising, is that the film moved a certain someone to tears. It was none other than Aamir Khan. The perfectionist came out of the screening like this.

Such were his tears, that he needed a proper bathing towel to wipe ’em off. Don’t get him wrong, people. He’s not crying because he found the film boring. He’s crying because he was moved by the emotional quotient of the movie.

If only someone would’ve zoomed in to those perfectly formed tears. But not to make light of the situation, Aamir seemed genuinely moved by the movie as he waxed eloquent about everybody’s performances. Check out his heartfelt reaction in this video by IANS India .