Abhishek Upmanyu’s one of the best of the best. Delivery, relatability, innovation (I know I sound like I’m describing an Audi) he’s got it all. From dealing with the plight of being an ugly baby to getting millions of views on his Youtube channel, this guy’s come a long way.

Here’s Abhishek at his most hilarious.

On talking to friends who’ve just been through a breakup.

It’s hard to believe how nice people are in Mumbai after you’ve lived in Delhi all your life.

Eating sweets as a kid was a weird adventure.

It makes even more sense when you’re an adult yourself!

Damn kids!

South Bombay people are a special breed… emphasis on the ‘special’.

Creative criticism at its finest.

Something we need to be careful about.

You can always trust your mom to take your case.

Another zinger from Mommy dearest.

Aah… bachpan ki yaadein… wait, what?

Why have you forsaken me, father?

People in Bombay are nicer than people in Delhi – hence proved.

What a guy!