You might remember that a few days back, KBC memes were a rage on the internet. 

Like there was no escaping them considering most of them were super funny.

KBC memes

In fact, they became so famous, that Vidya Balan actually played some of them when she came on KBC with Yuvraj Singh.

SET India

You can check out the video of her unleashing the power of memes on Bachchan right here.

So, ABP news decided to dedicate an entire segment on this very phenomenon itself.

“Social media par viral video ke zariye daawa hai ki Rahul Gandhi ki bezzatti ho rahi thi, aur Amitabh Bachchan zor zor se thahaake laga rahe the.” 

That’s how the video starts. Because sensationalism is a roxx. 


For almost 7 minutes, they critically analyze…well, memes.


And the viewers were like…

Amitabh Bachchan

While journalism was like…


Check out the video right here.