We do random silly things at times. And most often we do not talk about them. Actually, it's better if we don't. That's the beauty of these things.

1. Coz no one should know.

2. Everyday story of our lives.

3. The pleasure we derive from this is unmatched.

4. Coz peeing shouldn't disturb sleep.

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5. *scrolls through playlist*

6. Ah! Socialisation hurts.

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7. Relatable?

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8. When are you are too zoned out.

9. This indeed is the most comfortable position ever.

10. Hashafashasha all day.

11. This is essential.

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12. Gotta scare the shit out of babies.

13. Time flies when we do nothing.

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14. When you can't compromise with sleep.

15. Standard response we all have.

16. Ab kal karenge.

17. *wakes up with neck ache and body ache*

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18. This is gonna be our favourite pastime.

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19. One of the random thoughts we have while pooping.

20. It feels like we are on the top of the world.

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21. When blanket is bae.

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22. Damn, main jaane hi wala tha yaar.

23. Oh yeah, I was there all the time.

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24. Maturity has got nothing to do with sibling relationship.

25. Me, right now.

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They might be unusual and totally random, but doing them is fun. A part of our 'me' time, they are better left undiscussed.