As we scroll down our Instagram reels, we surely come across at least 10,000 ‘influencers’ endorsing multiple products daily and this is not even an exaggeration, you know it. 

In the quest to figure out amidst so many endorsements which one to actually believe in, The Whole Truth (TWT) has taken a dig at the dishonest influencers in an ad campaign. 

They want to find and work with a genuine set of influencers whose opinions are based on personal experience rather than a paid partnership with brands.

The man sarcastically remarks on how the influencer trend has lost its substance. He claims that influencer marketing began as a response to dishonest celebrity marketing. However, it became the problem it was supposed to solve.

The ad displays number of influencers who are ready to alter their opinion based on the amount they’re offered.  

TWT later clarifies that they will not sway the influencer’s views or interfere with their work. They will not offer a briefing or impose pre-written scripts. Whether the Truth-Sayers want to introduce their followers through a video, a blog, or a podcast, the brand will be there to assist. In addition, there is no intervention.

This is what people think about the idea behind the ad. 


You can watch the entire ad here. 

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All images are the screenshots from the video.