Okay, so how many of you have actually seen the ad for ‘pure vegetarian water’? It actually came out, sometime in 2014 but has gone really viral now. 


So the premise is that according to this ad, most water purifiers kill the germs and leave their bodies in the water, making it safe but still non-vegetarian. 


Except, according to the ad again, of course, this particular product could remove virus, bacteria and protozoan cysts from the water, making it completely vegetarian.

Battlefront forums

Twitter and Reddit obviously had some very different opinions about it. 

For starters…


Fucking hope not! I like my bacteria in the air.

Food for thought. Or maybe not!

We shall mourn you, science.

Oh, like Aquaman or that weird slimy fish dude from The Shape of Water!

See, now you’re talking logic, not our strongest suit. 


Not in the water filter, dude!

I don’t know if you are being sarcastic, dude but holy hell!

Oh, the poor man!

Oh, ignorance! How you never cease to amaze. 

Every once in a while, just when you thought, you had seen everything, life brings out such gifts. I mean whose idea was vegetarian water? Seriously though, who gets paid to say things like these?