It takes a lot to create something, be it a piece of art or a written piece. So art directors and copywriters are invaluable in their own right. Both are similar because They’re both creative. But there are several things points which set them apart.

CW Vs AD is an amazing Facebook page where we found these illustrations that are just bang on:

1. What they read in their free time

2. What drives them crazy

3. The software that they use

4. Their social media platforms

5. The time they bid office goodbye

6. Their choice operating systems

7. Their clipboards

8. What variety means to them

9. Their apps

10. The brush they use

11. Their shade cards

12. Their handicap

13. One without the other

14. What they do when font doesn’t fit the layout

15. What the manager wants from them

16. How they see popular culture

17. What their blank worksheet looks like

18. Their choice of pets

So, what do you think? Are they same or not?