When we say ‘Hitler’, what do you think of? World War 2? Holocaust? Definitely not report cards, right? Well that’s about to change.

We chanced upon a rather interesting thread on reddit a while back and we couldn’t help but share it with you. 


It makes you wonder just how bad were his grades that he decided to wipe his derrière with his report card?

So does it make me a bad person if I see something about Hitler and think “Damn, I wish I’d thought of that”? Okay, so he invaded a couple of countries which led to the Second World War and then he tried to erase an entire race from existence. But come on, we’ve all wanted to do this with our report cards at some point. 

So… how does it feel to relate to this guy?


Moral dilemma aside, looking at something like this we couldn’t help but wonder if this really did happen. After all, it’d be pretty stupid of us to post something without a little bit of research. So we decided to ask Reddit itself what it thought of this. This is what it had to say.


Not exactly what we were looking for, but we’ll take it. But as it turns out, the author of the post was kind enough to provide us with a link in the title. So we followed it to its source and here is where it led us. 


Really? So you’re telling me that this guy on the internet put us through that emotional roller coaster over a piece of information he found in Wikipedia? Talk about being a buzzkill. 

Or is it…

As it turns out, there is a book by the name of The Making Of Adolf Hitler by Eugene Davidson and here’s an excerpt,

“…he got drunk, and in the course of the evening used his school report mistakenly for toilet paper.”
Dailymail, UK

Well then… you did Nazi that coming, did you.