As a kid, I learnt that necessity is the mother of all inventions. 

People needed light, so bulbs were invented. They needed to communicate easily, so telephones were invented.

Inspired by the exact same idea, the famous condom brand Manforce has come up with the ‘adrak-honey’ condoms. 

Because curing a sore throat in winters is almost as big a necessity as having sex (you can disagree but you know you’re wrong).

India is a tea loving nation and it was no surprise that adrak chai jokes started flooding Twitter soon after the announcement. 

There were queries and suggestions, too. 

While most people find the idea absurd, this is not the first time the company has gone full Master Chef while making flavours. 

Last year they introduced achari flavour so that people could literally add some extra spice to their sex life. 

Guys, now that you are at it, I’m wondering if you can also come up with, like, a momo chutney flavour?

The Indian Foodies

Or biryani?


Okay, rasgulla, maybe?

We’ll see if they oblige to my requests but till then you can definitely enjoy your morning chai with a little bit of a twist.

Or a lot of twist, whatever you want.