Of all the things in the world, sex sells the best. The same is used by companies in their advertising campaigns. From sexual imagery to words, brands have tried all and it worked because the audience noticed these ads quickly.

Here’s a list of such ads if you have missed any.

1. This real estate company selling their homes with double meaning ads.

2. Another one from them.

3. This Burger King ad will actually ‘blow’ your mind away.

Trend Hunter

4. This GoFirst ad meaning to put the passengers first but conveying something else.


5. This headphones ad looking sexy.


6. Air India helping one find out if their partner is cheating.


7. T​hey mean topless car models…what else would they mean?


8. Are you sure, you don’t need a big one?

drive tribe

9. This is a pickle ad.


10. Did you get the double meaning here?

11. This ad is by a company that sells Whey Protein shakes.


12. This Idea 4G ad.


13. SpiceJet getting ready to high together.

This seems to be one of the most simple and effective ways to sell products.