Even the word reminds me of responsibilities, routines, jobs, money and all things that are just not fun. Suddenly, you have your own money to manage, and a job that you hate, but need to go to. And, honestly, you’d rather just take a nap that lasts for the next 3 days. 


The struggle is real and some of us just can’t wrap our heads around it. If you’re struggling with adulting too, these 15 posts will hit you right in the feels. 

1. You’ve got to make smart decisions now! 

2. Adulting level: Pro. 

3. That’s the way to go. 

4. You never know…

5. Life hacks.

6. The art of camouflage. 

7. At least I have my own music collection. 

8: Basically this!

9. So winning at life right now. 

10. Because, baby steps, bro!

11. Wait, what?


12. Where is the restart button of life? 

13. I wonder if they are matching pairs…

14. Your food, your responsibility. 

15. Thank you. 

Yes, adulting sucks just as much for us as well. 

Image Sources: Twitter & Tumblr