We love children, but *gosh* they’re weird. Their itching curiosity about anything and everything makes them bowl some real absurd questions towards us. And we — as adults — struggle to figure out how on earth do we answer them. But sometimes, this intrinsic urge to know everything takes them places, and children come out to spill some really creepy things that haunt our souls. 

This Reddit thread is all about children and those creepy things they say super casually. 

1. “Not my kid, but a little girl in my son’s kindergarten class told me she lives across the street from a cemetery. I asked her if it was spooky to live that close to a graveyard and she said very matter-of-factly, ‘Not during the day. But at night they all walk up to our windows and scream.'”


2. “My then 3 year old had a few gems: Him: I was so mad at you, I was gonna destroy you. Me: yeah, how so? Him: I was gonna throw you in a volcano. Me: why didn’t you? Him: I don’t know where a volcano is. Me: so we good? Him: for now…”


3. “My 5 year old is wondering about death. The other day he asked about his great grandfather and asked how old he is. I told him he’s 95 years old and he looked shocked and said ’95!?!? That’s almost old enough to DIE.'”


4. “Grew up across the street from a cemetery. My little sister told us (when she was in kindergarten or 1st grade) that she couldn’t bathe by herself because ‘the ghost comes and makes the water icy cold’ when no one else was around.”


5. “Not my kid, but I was working at my job (liquor store clerk) and a parent came in with their kid. The kid started acting a little silly and asked if he could work here. I asked him if he was 18 and out of high school, he played a long for a while and eventually confessed he was 5. I told him, ‘That’s okay. Maybe I’ll work with you in 13 years,’ and he looked me up and down and said, ‘No, you’ll be dead by then.’ I’m not even 30 yet. What does he know? WHAT DOES HE KNOW???”


6. “My son tells me stories of ‘scary uncle Michael’ in his bedroom at night. He says he’s a grey man that looks like his uncle and he climbs on walls and calls out to him and one night he tried to eat him.”


7. “One night my little sister woke up scared and went to my parents’ room to sleep with them. Before she went back to sleep, she used their bathroom, and when she came out she said, ‘Why are there people in your bathroom mommy?'”


8. “My ex-father-in-law died a couple years before my daughter was born so she never met him. He was known as a pretty funny guy, always quick with a one-liner. As strange as it sounds, there were no pictures of him around until my daughter was about 4 years old and my ex-mother-in-law set one next to the urn where his ashes were kept. The first time my daughter saw the picture she pointed to it and said, ‘That’s grandpa! I like when he looks in my window and makes me laugh. I don’t like his friends, though.'”


9. “Just after my little brother was born my mom, 3-year-old sister and I were talking about what not to do around the baby. Things like not leaving small toys out or throwing balls around the baby. After a few minutes my sister chimed in and said, ‘and you don’t cut off baby’s lips with a sharp knife.'”


10. “We were at a crowded funeral home for his great-grandpa’s service when my son announced he was ‘here to see the corpse.'”


11. “It was a Saturday morning a few years ago, and my wife and I were still in bed, and she was trying to convince me to make pancakes for breakfast. My oldest son (about 6 at the time) came in to the room and agreed with her. He then said ‘You should make some for Tyler, too.’ Now, he had never had imaginary friends, and we didn’t have anybody in the house or family named ‘Tyler’, so I was curious and asked him who Tyler was. ‘Tyler is the man sleeping in my bed.'”


12. “My son was around 3 at the time. Kept refusing to go downstairs as that’s where Angel Man was, and Angel Man wanted to hurt the family.”


13. “My daughter was 4 and while we were eating breakfast one morning she says ‘I was on a mountain once, and my mom dad died and then I woke up and was in this house with you and mama.’ Then we just sat there for a few seconds and looked at each other. Then she said she wanted to watch paw patrol.”


14. “When my child was 3 and told me about the conversation with the nice man in our living room and how he comes and watches cartoons with her. She then described my dad who had died 4 years prior.”


15. “My son used to cling to me and cry ‘I don’t want you to die!'”


16. “My 3 year old came up tome gave me a hug, then whispered in my ear “don’t go to work, you will die in a wall” I drive to work and work in construction. Decided to work from home that day.”


17. “Not my kid, but my youngest sister. Some info: my sister has a tendency to sleep talk about silly things like food and toys. One night when my family was staying at hotel and I had to share a bed with her, she sits up at 2 am, waking me up, and turns to me with her eyes closed. She then exclaims ‘NAME it’s behind you! Look behind you” in a very scared and urgent tone.'”


18. “My baby was just learning to speak. She was not even a year old yet. While sitting in a shopping cart, she raised her hands towards my neck and said ‘KILL YOU.’ Shocked I said what? And she kept repeating it louder ‘KILL YOU KILL YOU…'”


19. “When my 10 year old was a toddler, he told me that he had been having a conversation with Arzula. My dead grandmother. In his bedroom. He described her to me and her name was so unusual that there is no way he could’ve made it up and he never knew her.”


I have successfully freaked out.

Has any child ever said creepy things to you? If so, you’re free to freak us out even more.