As we navigate the treacherous waters of what many are calling a major historical event, the things we considered to be most terrifying have altered drastically. Now, fear isn't found in the usual things like sharks or ghosts - now, the most scary things in the world are these situations. 

This massive crowd at the Delhi Metro packed together without any social distancing. The horror! The horror!

Source: DNA India

These unfettered hugs have not aged well.

Source: VOA News
Source: Sky
Source: NDTV

This guy pressing an elevator button without any gloves on. Where's your sense of self-preservation, man?!

Source: China Smack

This dude who's just about to sneeze. Lock him up!

Source: Medical News

This disgusting image! Some people just have a death wish, I suppose.

Source: Fox News

This kid who touched his face and then realised his deadly mistake a few seconds too late. (Yes yes, it's the Home Alone guy)

This bus that's chalk-full of people.

Source: Rajaf

This music festival that's just crawling with humans. Ughhh.

This disturbingly busy market. Just look at all the people breathing on each other! 

Source: Tripsavvy

This airport full of people that's giving me the heebie-jeebies.

Source: Fortune

And this photo, which is a general trigger anyway, and that now instills the fear of god in the most stubborn of atheists.

Source: Alamy

We need eye-masks for these photos. *Shudders*