Attorney General KK Venugopal made a very sensible and reassuring statement on Wednesday. He said that data collected for Aadhaar is safe behind ’13 feet high and 5 feet thick walls’, reports The Indian Express.

FYI, this ‘data’ includes biometric details of people. He further added that the scheme is aimed at protecting the money spent on bridging the gap between the rich and the poor and to cut down on rampant corruption. 


Never thought the scan of my iris had the potential to ‘bridge the gap between the rich and the poor’ but I am going to go with what the Attorney General has to say. 

Now, if you have nothing better to do, you can spend days and months analysing this statement and try to figure out how possibly can brick walls secure digital data. Or you can just go through the memes. 

I choose the latter, even though I have nothing better to do. 

payment just aaya

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The White Walkers are laughing somewhere reading about this 13-feet-high wall, and John Snow is relieved there someone else who knows nothing.

My mom always tells me I am stupid, she should read more news.