So on a regular Monday morning, I was browsing the internet, looking for Cyber Monday deals to deal with them Monday blues. And I came across something absolutely ridiculous. 

AirPods Straps!

As users, we went from headphones and earphones to wireless headphones. Then finally, the ground-breaking innovation, AirPods made a debut in 2016. However, this new invention on Amazon has left me positively baffled. WTF is an AirPods Strap?

amazon AirPods strap
Source: Amazon

After years of trying to achieve floating earphones, why do AirPods need a strap? So they can be wireless headphones? Aren't they the same?

AirPods strap
Source: Amazon

According to the reviews, people are opting for these because they end up losing one of the AirPods. 

Am I the only one who thinks this is stupid AF? Thankfully, no. Twitter agrees. 

Sigh, we've officially come a complete circle. Can we please bring back cassettes and the walkman now?