With over 50 million downloads and 33 million active players, PUBG was one of the most popular online gaming apps in India. 

We say ‘was’ now because as of today, the Indian government has banned PUBG and left more than a million players asking what to do next? 

Well, all those ex-PUBG players need not worry anymore. We have got some equally awesome alternatives for you all. 

These can be as enjoyable, if not more. Thank us later.

1. Read a book

Remember how you wasted all those hours shooting some imaginary players and felt good about it? Well, now you can actually sit and gain some knowledge (and vocabulary) instead. 

2. Get a job

If you have been spending more than 8 hours a day playing PUBG, then it’ll be safe to say that you probably don’t have much else to do. Now you can finally login to all job searching portals and finally start looking for a job.

The job market may be sparse right now, but even being on the lookout will prove to be more productive.

3. Cook some food

Now that no one is going to hear you scream ‘winner winner chicken dinner’, why don’t you actually get to work and start cooking some dinner for real.  

4. Meditate

We’re sure that all those virtual battles would be giving you headaches all day long. Now you can live a calmer life by just breathing in and breathing out. 

5. Get a hobby

No, seriously. While virtually shooting someone may seem like you’re really doing something productive, you haven’t really done anything worthwhile.

6. Talk to your friends

You know those people you used to talk to while playing the game? Yeah, they are not friends. So, why don’t you pick up your phone and call your real friends who you’ve actually met in life?  

7. Help your mother

Your mom has actually been taking care of the entire house all by herself in addition to shouting at you to get off your phone. Help. Her. Out. 

8. Clean your room

It’s time you finally find that second pair of sock you thought you lost in March. 

9. Excercise 

As opposed to what you thought, sitting all day on the couch is not burning your calories. Work out!

10. Take a shower

You know how many days you’ve skipped taking a shower for PUBG, right? It’s finally time to use that brand new soap. 

You’re welcome!