From complaining about the cow dung cake not being crunchy enough to buying products post selling their kidneys, we have witnessed all sorts of weird experiences people had on Amazon.

Here are some customer questions along with their hilarious answers that would absolutely crack you up.

1. Now that’s the perfect way to know the ingredients of cow dung cakes.

2. How is ghee made? With love and care.

3. Next up: does the doorbell show time?

4. Depends on how ‘ganda‘ your handle is.

5. What even?

6. Now that’s a very important question, TBH.

7. Have you?

8. Who cares about warranty when it’s a fine product?

9. Stupid question… and answer.

10. Yes, ‘games’.

11. …logic left the chat.

12. Ofcourse, that’s what a smartphone does.

13. Because it’s important to ‘see’ the fan while it works.

14. Since when do we call someone by dialing?

15. In case you are wondering, this review is for a table fan. Yes, a TABLE FAN.

16. It took a dark turn too fast.

17. Taking out my calendar.

18. Oh, you confused us.

19. Honestly, no one gives a damn about the lead.

20. Try putting it in your mouth as well, it might work as a microphone. 

21. Oh well.

22. The one where he took ‘go to hell’ way too serious.

23. The truth has been spoken.

24. 70.0000999%

25. We wish, we really do.

Note: All the screenshots are taken from Amazon