Recently, megastar, Amitabh Bachchan (like all us lesser mortals) jumped onto the Avengers bandwagon and watched Avengers: Infinity War

Turns out, Bachchan saab has much lesser nerd-cred than we’d like to imagine.

The tweet literally translates to, 

“Sir, don’t mind. I went to watch a movie, Avengers… Didn’t understand what was happening in the movie.”

While it was cute that he’s chill enough to let the world know, the Twitterverse was obviously not forgiving. Soon enough, the troll brigade caught on to this clueless moment. And like always, hilarity ensued.

Bachchan saab, thank you for triggering this genius thread. *Grabs popcorn*

Also, please watch the rest of the MCU so we can for real talk about how awesome it actually is. Pretty Please?