This is a tale as old as time itself. Before the dawn of civilisation, the ancient nomadic tribes that roamed the planet had managed to tame the wind gods and box them in plastic wrappers alongside thinly sliced potatoes that had been through the crucible of boiling oil. 

This air would allow the potatoes to not go rotten as long as the wrapper remained sealed. But in time, as mankind’s corruption grew, so did the air within these wrappers. And before we knew it, we had Lays, a product of great maleficence that offered you air at the price of deep-fried potatoes. 

Soon, its competitors would follow suit and we, in 2022 would be left with this. 

Needless to say, the great men of the past that captured the wind are now long gone and we are left with a evolved species of creature, called Redditors, all of whom have gathered around the fire today to issue a condemnation. 

You guys should try those local chips. They are really nice and they give a lot of chips. I mean, those bags have no air, for real.