“Anger makes you stupid. Stupid gets you killed.” – Michonne from The Walking DeadI might have went a bit over-board with that opening quote, but you get the drift, right? A lot of us have serious anger management issues but don’t  even realise it. It hurts your friends, it hurts your family and most importantly, it hurts you. Here’s a handy guide that will let you know whether you’re as calm as Buddha or as angry as the Hulk.

1. The moment you have a tiff with a friend, you un-friend him/her from Facebook.

2. You might also block him/her from Whatsapp!

3. And unfollow them from Instagram.

5. You lose it when someone utters words like, ‘aggressive’ or ‘hyper.’

6. You feel ignoring people is the key to their attention.

7. You like holding grudges inside you and pretending everything is absolutely fine.

8. If someone makes you the butt of a joke, you kick their butt.

9. If you don’t like someone or something, it shows on your face in nano-seconds!

10. You don’t mind leaving conversations in between if you feel left out.

11. And if you got angry after reading this post, then it’s time for some “anger management.”