Are you familiar with the feeling of assuming your partner is certainly dead, ‘cause they aren’t responding to your calls or texts? 


This woman certainly is.

When George — the boyfriend, and 21-year-old student, Paulina Ramirez were in between making plans, George did the unthinkable! He slept midway, leaving her hanging. And self-professed ‘Angry Girlfriend’ took matters into her own hands.

With time on her hands and a fully functional funny bone, this ‘scorned woman’ made an actual trailer to commemorate her boyfriend’s hour of radio silence. Watch the hilarity here.

What started as a joke born out of an hour’s nap soon turned into viral fodder with more than 50k retweets and 150k likes. That’s probably because we ALL know EXACTLY what this feels like.

What’s more? Paulina even started receiving actual job offers for her editing skills. But she admittedly did this all in good humour and has no intention of making this a career.

Hey, Paulina. If you ever consider it, we have an opening.