Anil Kapoor is jhakkas. There are no two ways about it. 


And the West got a taste of his jhakkas quotient when the actor literally stormed the Oscars podium to snatch what he has always believed was his.


Like seriously, look at Frieda’s sunova… face!


But that’s just Anil Kapoor being Anil Kapoor!


But then obviously things got better for the actor. And he made his “Khontray” proud by lapping up a role in the hit American TV show “24” in 2010. 


But shit just hit the roof when Brad Blanks asked Anil Kapoor if he was accustomed to fight sequences beforehand, during an interview in 2011. 

Anil’s answer to this was as ghastly as his put-on accent!

But before we tell you his reply, it’s Brad Blanks who should have really done his homework better. Here’s a quick look at Kapoor’s illustrious fight sequences, just for you Brad:

b’Source: Youtube’
b’Source: Youtube’
b’Source: Youtube’
b’Source: Youtube’

In fact, it would’t be unfair to say that the only time he actually got some action in Bollywood was this:

And finally, here’s how Anil Kapoor went ham on this shit and created the most bad ass thug life video ever!

Never go full retard, Anil!