If you spend substantial time on Instagram, you must have seen people share this video, which got pretty viral a few days ago.

There is a lot to be said about the accuracy of this, but there are other posts of his that have had us laughing. 

1. I am definitely not a West Delhi boy.

2. Wherever Sanju is, I am sure he is doing the same thing.

3. How do they do this in public?

4. May or may not have totally done this, completely, hundred percent.

5. This race LinkedIn is winning, but okay.

6. Gurgaon has its priorities in place, which is great.

7. I don’t even drive and I find it just as annoying.

8. Problem is a problem is a problem.

9. It definitely seems like Raghu is always on Roadies!

10. Oh damn, that is one origin story.

Relatable max.