For the women who still actually ask this question, I just want to say that some of the most beautiful girls in the world are fat . And by ” fat “, I mean really, they have tires of a size that would make monster trucks look like Hot Wheels. And still beautiful, not like you other women (I said ‘other’… But, I don’t mean ‘you’, as in the reader, ok? I swear on Kejriwal) who ask this question out of plain narcissism. These are the women who’re just fishing for compliments.

Point is, there is no such thing as an ‘ideal’ body type. On a scale of Kareena Kapoor to Nicki Minaj, you should aim to be somewhere, where you are eating healthy.

The best answer is still a simple “NO”, but here are some alternate answers to muzzle her puzzle, to blight her plight, to merry her query or to mum her cerebrum…

And if you want to risk answering that question with a ‘YES,’ here’s how you do it safely:

Are you guys going to complain now? Me no mean no harm.