I finished watching a Netflix series yesterday. I was happy then. 

Now I am sad.


The void that the completion of that series created cannot be filled by anything but another series which is equally interesting.

Once I finish that series, I will be sad again.


With a million streaming sites at disposal, my life has become all about jumping from one show to another and I don’t see this problem getting solved anytime soon.

Ab mujhe lamba ladka nahin, ek lamba series chahiye bas. 

My boyfriend asked me one day if I am happy with him. I said of course; but then I thought so was Tara before her marriage with Adil in Made In Heaven.

Now I am sad. 

And so is my boyfriend.


In fact, my expectations with almost everything have increased. Including, but not limited to: Life, job, family members, and friends.

The problem is not just finding good new shows, it’s also watching other shows that my friends find nice. 

Pehle log peer pressure mein drink karte the, ab hum shows dekhte hain.

Movie Time Guru

Even with all its brilliance, GoT was never my thing. But 3 season dekhe maine to be able to contribute to the conversations. 

Well, also because I wanted to give the show one ‘chance’. 

Better Being 940

GoT didn’t make it too far because I got distracted with another series that was right up my alley. And then, of course, there were movies to watch too. 

I never knew options can be so anxiety inducing.

Mid Stone

There is so much content out there, that you can’t possibly watch everything no matter how hard you try.

In a scene in YJHD, Naina tells Bunny, “Life mein jitna bhi try karo, kuch na kuch toh chootega hi“.

She was absolutely correct but main shows dekhna chahti hun, binge karna chahti hun, bas rukna nahin chahti.


Because when I have SHOMO, Naina is not going to come and help me.

This fear of missing out is so intense that I have subscribed to all popular streaming sites. Now, without going in too much detail about my salary, I will say that a huge chunk of it just goes in paying the fee for these sites. 

Ab mere paas sirf Netflix hai, chill nahin.

My din ka chain and raat ki neend are also fucked because once I have finished watching something intense, I want to read up about the fan theories etc. 

Earth can you rotate a bit slowly, man? Because this 24-hour-day business is not working out for me.

So basically, my life is now an endless circle of looking for shows, binging on shows, missing on shows and spending on shows.


But it’s okay, because I just found a new series to watch. Yay me.