In a country where pants worn today will eventually get used to clean shelves, cars, floors etc, Apple has launched a polishing cloth worth Rs 1,900.   


Apparently, this polishing cloth is meant to clean your apple devices. This micro fibre cloth has an Apple logo on it. Other than that it’s not very clear as to what other specialities it might have. 


Polishing Cloth cleans any Apple display, including nano-texture glass, safely and effectively. A list of compatible devices has also been made available by the company. 

As a matter of fact, you could march down to the nearest Apple store and pay Rs 1,900 for this special cloth. 

Pop Sugar

Alternatively, you could ask your mom for that old t-shirt she cut down last week. Please note that any damage that might be caused by this piece of cloth, however unlikely that maybe, is not my fault, should you choose to use it. 


That said, 1,900 rupaye ka towliya kaun kharidta hai bhai? I only say that because I am jealous and broke. You think doing Twitter reactions earns you good money? LMAO. Speaking of Twitter reactions though, here are some related to the subject at hand:  

This is some bullsh*t, man, making me do Apple articles with the full knowledge that I’ll never be able to afford one at this salary. *sad emoji, weepy face, red angry face, marxism intensifies gif*