Out of the many reasons I don’t like to go out for dinner, the most important is loud music. I can’t stand it and I don’t understand the reason behind it. 

I mean, why would you play the songs so loud that people can’t even talk? 

Irish Times

For instance, if I am out with friends, I am definitely not planning to sit in silence and stare into space while eating food. 

The Hindu

However, that’s exactly what ends up happening because I ain’t shouting. So, I just sit there, listening to music I don’t particularly enjoy, while eating pasta that could have been easily made at home. *Evening ruined*

And it gets worse on dates. As if I am not awkward already, I have to face the embarrassment of going haan? what? sorry? five times before I can understand what the guy is saying.


Then, obviously, when you call the waiters they don’t listen. So you have to wave to get their attention, which more often than not you don’t. This is followed by an acting performance where you pretend like it’s all cool but actually you’re on the verge of crying.

All of this can be solved by taking a single logical step. Lower the fucking volume.


However, I see most people being okay with it so I think it might be a personal issue. Maybe I am just too old for this kind of multitasking. 

It takes me 15 seconds to get annoyed after entering restaurants, while other people seem to be enjoying themselves. 


They seem to be enjoying the music, grooving slightly and somehow, still managing to have a conversation.

If this isn’t odd to you, I am sorry, we can’t be friends. Because we are two very different people. 

Also, I envy you immensely. 


Now, whenever I complain about this issue, the answer I get is: Go to a quieter place then?

‘Quieter place’ is Naturals, or like Haldirams. And while I love both, I can’t possibly suggest a date there (actually I can, wait…)

So I guess I have to explore more (fuck that, I am staying at home).