You know, I love super-rich people. I mean yes, they do all sorts of weird things, but then they also introduce us to stuff like this. 


Look at that. A bag. That can carry nothing. 

Sold on a website named Area, this thing costs a whopping $895 and when they say it’s a crystal chair bag, they are serious. That’s literally what it is. Minus the ‘bag’ part. 

It is carried like one, sure, but the only thing you can carry IN it is maybe your expectations with men. 


And if that is not your plan, you may wanna ditch it (though I seriously doubt that people who can afford this item will read this article but anyway…).

I must mention, though: My favourite part about this whole thing. The discount message I got when I opened the website.


Ten percent off on $895! I’d have done the math but right now I can’t afford anything more expensive than $20 so let’s save ourselves the embarrassment…

…Kidding, I did the math. $895 is roughly ₹65,540 and 10% of it is ₹6554. Which is a lot but still, a 60k bag is also not something I can afford to dream of currently. 

Anyhow, the internet has also been talking about this for a while and here are some of the reactions. 

So basically, it’s a pendant but for your waist. Or is it?