Work gets too much sometimes and your boss just won’t give you leaves. And so, you resort to calling in sick or telling them “something happened in my family”. 

That’s the farthest most of us go and we can all feel a little good about ourselves because people out there are doing all kinds of whacky things.

For instance, 19-year-old Brandon Soules In Arizona faked his own kidnapping to get some easy (?) leaves from work.

And this is how he did it (don’t get ideas, you guys).

He went to a random road, put a bandana in his mouth, tied his hands with a belt and then just lay down there so that someone could see him. 

Someone did see him and informed the police. Thereon, the police did its job and started the investigation – and basically, Brandon couldn’t come up with a convincing origin story.

He said something along the lines of two men hitting him in the head, tying him up and then throwing him on the roadside. But it was very poorly narrated and the police busted him. 

Following that, he lost his job – obviously and became viral – obviously as a dangerous number of people seem to be empathising with him.

He has since been arrested so I guess he will be doing some kind of work.