We’ve all had one or more embarrassing moments in our lives. And when it comes to periods, most of us have our share of stories to tell.

Illustrator Kristie Lane or ‘Ristay’ recently illustrated her experiences about the first time she wore a tampon, and trust us you’d never imagine the way it ends.

This was literally all of us when we first saw tampons.

While most of us felt the same, we are sure tying an extra thread requires some extra set of skills.

Where else will the extra thread go?

Hoping that the tape wouldn’t get loose.

It seems that the tape did its work, and kept the tampon in place.

Oh god! Where’s that extra thread coming from?

How could it stay in for long? It had to finally come out.

Shooting up in the air, and the secret was finally revealed.

Before you let that sink in, a seagull came and took it with it.

Wasn’t that the most embarrassing, yet hilarious thing you’ve ever read about tampons?

All images sourced from Boredpanda.