Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal is a slightly different character than we usually see in Indian politics. Case in point, here are few incidents which, I think will definitely prove that he’s a back bencher. 

1. He laughs at awkward moments, the absolute worst of them. 

2. He sleeps off during all the motivational talks in the classroom, like the time he dozed off during the Prime Minister’s Independence Day speech in 2016. 


3. When Kejri gets bored in the classroom, he ain’t afraid to show it. Like how he eased into his chair during the PM’s COVID sermon. 


4. Is very proficient at local slangs, calls cops ‘thulla‘. 


5. Has actually heard a few big words and uses them everywhere without much context or meaning, just to sound smart. 

6. Follows pop culture closely and bases in entire personality on movie stars. Agreed that Anil Kapoor is a weird choice but you gotta work with what you’ve got. 


7. Also interested in amateur filmmaking and really, really experiments with concepts. Pure creative genius. 

Catch News

9. His motto is ‘f**k the rules’. Always adds his own twist to the uniform, to stand out. The Fresh Prince of Civil Lines, if it’s still where he lives. 

Financial Express

9. Exam se pehle hamesha puja paath karta hai. Like the time he took a holy dip in Varanasi before contesting the elections against Modi. 

India TV

10. Always ready to burn shit in protest. 


11. Has regular sessions with his other last bencher bros without a care in the world. 


12. Here’s a picture of him sitting on the last bench. 


There you go. Our CM is a total bencher. Do with that theory what you will.