If you chanced your Sunday away on Twitter, you probably came across ‘Aryan space’, which to be fair, seemed like a white supremacist neo nazi type. That would have explained the legions of sheep listening in, but turns out it was just some kid who was ranting about wanting an iPhone. 


Just listen to this bit.  

‘We cook meth’ is right. This is peak meth behaviour. 

This whole circus started when this one guy posted screenshots asking his dad to buy him an iPhone. Nothing too special about the chat. 

Which makes you wonder, why it became such a big deal? It was a weekend and the first big event of 2022. Sucks, it was a  teenager with a temper tantrum but that’s who we are now as a society. 

Last tweet is maxx relate WTF!. Not an intern though, which is worse, I suppose!

So the lesson you can learn from this is don’t send stuff to your editors if you don’t want to write about them or they get assigned to you and then you are morally obligated to write them because it’s unfair that someone else has to wade through the crap you sent. Oh, and iPhones suck!!