Mujhe bade ho ke model banna hai. Many of us had said that as kids. And then,  as we grew up, we realized we didn’t have it in us. Making a daring career choice like modeling is not easy. It takes a good deal of confidence, poise and the right attitude to pull it off.  No matter what the stereotypes, models are hardworking and face their own fair share of struggles to make it big.

I n case you are not a model yet, but still have modeling aspirations, go ahead and give your dreams a kick start. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to be one. If you are a model or aspiring to be one, you will surely relate to these side-effects of modelling!

1. When you watch new comers in ads, you get critical and wonder how they landed there without a proper figure or face!

2. When someone you know buys a DSLR, you become extra sweet and friendly with them. Free portfolio shoot.

3. If you come across a newbie designer/designing student, you go on a mission to become his/her next couture model.

4. You don’t stalk regular guys/girls on FB but fashion events and parties. You don’t even mind bribing someone to get a pass to the one!

5. Your phonebook/FB friends list has more designers and photographers than friends. Because making contacts is important.

6. The gym feels like home. You are pals with the entire staff.

7. When your friends laughed at your career choice, you quietly resolved to make it big, so you’ll have the last laugh when they see you on a magazine cover.

8. You feel people don’t understand you.You actually dated a guy/girl just because he/she was also into modelling.

9. All your pocket money and savings go into your ‘really expensive photo shoot’ fund.

10. You constantly hunt for sales at not-so-affordable-brands like Prada, Gucci and LV.

11. You were the face of your college fashion society and represented your college as a model.

12. You moved from your hometown to a metro city to make it big as a model.

13. You were always the hottie throughout your school and college. You are used to getting asked-out a lot.

There’s no business like show business. When it comes to modelling, if you think the sky is the limit, we agree! If you’ve got the looks and the attitude, we’ve got exciting news for you: Model For Myntra Contest . Enough said!

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