Astrology is a strange art. Many of you might be wondering at this point away I didn’t call it science. Well, that’ because it’ not. Everything you say in its defence is invalid. 


And that was proven by this scientist, who very hilariously and from what one would imagine was definitely an act of trolling, ate food on live TV after an astrologer just said that people should not eat during an eclipse. 


And that has got to be the most savage thing I have actually seen on Indian television since the days of Roadies 5.0. I am just kidding. Roadies 4.0 was way better!

You can see the video here: 

Scientist eats food on live TV after astrologer says that food should be avoided because of the solar eclipse. from r/india

This also prompted some very ap reactions from Redditors. yashovardhanchaubey went down the memory lane to share something he saw on TV a while ago: 

I think 12-15 years back Star news used to run a debate during these eclipses between rationalists on one side and these astrologers and psychics on other . One of the pandits argued that the concept of Aura is scientifically proven and it tells us about a man future, to which the rationalist replied that ‘ Abey aura toh ek stone ka bhi hota hai, ab batao patthar ka bhavishya kya hoga.’

Meanwhile, Nochickensplease seems to have decided that mocking astrologers to the way to go forward. 

That dude is a rock star. People with these kinds of beliefs are self selected for irrationality. You cannot debate with them, it just does not work & you will never change their mind. The only thing left is to mock them and make fun of them.

However, hydrosalad was troubled for very different reasons. 

I’m troubled by the improper use of the gangsta meme and curb your enthusiasm music. 

Ah, what it must be to be that badass? I mean, good Lord, he just took a spoonful of whatever and popped it in as the astrologer was saying shite!