Remember that whole ‘miswak”incident from earlier this year? Oh, you know the one, where this Czech company was selling it for £3.90 (₹300) for a stick? Well, guess what, when you hear what is breaking the internet now, your khatiya will definitely sarko. 

Remember those charpais that our dada and par-dada used to rest on? The same charpai that has been the subject of many Bhojpuri songs? 


Yes, that charpai is going places after this Australian guy decided to post an ad for one very “fancy” char’poy’ for a whopping AUS $990! That’s around ₹50,000! 

Look at this ad! Marvel at it! Let it shake your belief in mankind! Okay, just read it.

Traditional Indian day. Extremely comfortable. Made from beautiful maple timber with strong mortise and tenon joints. Manila rope. 100% Australian made. 

Seriously guys, you ALMOST convinced me. 

But not the Indian Twitterati. Yeah, they were not amused. 

Get it together, guys. We had it first!