There’s a lot happening in the world right now. There’s the Rio Olympics, the US elections, the raging war in Syria; however, none of these issues trouble Australian politician Pauline Hanson. The one thing that’s giving her sleepless nights is, why do Indians squat while pooping?

According to a report by Scroll, Pauline (who’s often called the Donald Trump of Australia) got worried after an Australian taxation office decided to build Indian style toilets for its migrant workforce. 


She argues that “if they can’t work out how to use a westernised toilet, how are they expected to work out our tax system?”

Well, Pauline, apart from the fact that Indian toilets have been proven to relax the rectum, there are other reasons why we prefer using them.

For example, they are so beautiful, people click selfies with them. 

Also, our Indian toilets don’t betray us by hiding unwanted guests.


Besides, western toilets are never there when you REALLY need them.



Also, come to think of it, it’s just a ‘shitty’ matter. So why think so much about it?


While Hanson has been shut down by her own counterparts, we can maybe reach a negotiation. Na teri, na meri. What say?


Check out this video of hers ranting about people who have to squat to take a dump.