In India, we love papad, but we also love samosa, banana chips, biryani, and a million other things. You can't just go and make songs about them.

(I mean, we have jab takk rahega samose mein aaloo, tera rahunga o meri Shalu but that's different).

In a clip that's doing rounds on the internet, a group of foreigners is shown grooving to a song titled Papadum

They are accompanied in this creative adventure by an Indian woman, who must have dragged herself into doing this because of peer pressure. Just look at her.

Anyway, the funny/offensive thing about the song is, well, the entire song; because its lyrics go something like this:

Papadum. Papadum. Papadum. Papadum.

Imagine someone getting paid to write this. The horror! (Also, where do I send my CV?)

Anyway, apart from papadum, they cover another topic that Indians are passionate about. No, not Salman Khan yaar. It's cricket.

In a very interesting portrayal of the sport, one of the actors, just swings the bat while creepily saying papadum.

While looking up the song on the internet, I found out it was made in Australia and for kids (no shit).

Its purpose was some cultural representation thing which obviously backfired, and the reactions are now pouring in on the same.

The song apparently released in 2014, which means they had 6 years to get it off the internet. Sigh!