If you can go through a dinner with your ex’s parents AND your current partner at YOUR house, in your PAJAMAS; clearly, nothing affects you. But for normal people, some everyday situations become too awkward to handle.

Here are a few strange situations that give you urges that range from “Boy! That was awkward!”, to “Kill me now!”. Check these out.

1. Someone is talking to you over the urinal.

And you turn to answer.

2. Hugs that just aren’t meant to be.

Because you are not used to human contact.

3. You shake someone’s hand, and it was so sweaty, they wipe it off, on their pants.

Before you leave.

4. Your friends tell your crush that you like him/her.

And then they leave you alone in a room.

5. You’re pretending to talk on the phone, and it rings.

And your ringtone is the ‘Shin Chan’ title track, in Hindi.

6. You’re stuck in an elevator with a person you don’t like.

And then you fart.

7. Walking into a restaurant, and everyone thinks you’re the waiter.

Because you’re dressed exactly like the waiters. And then you sit and eat alone, while everyone judges you.

8. You open the porn folder while giving a presentation.

And it’s Mallu .

9. Introducing your girlfriend/boyfriend to your family.

After they catch you two getting cozy.

10. You slapped the wrong person on the back of their head, thinking it’s your friend.

But it is actually your professor.

11. Waving back at someone, then realizing they weren’t waving at you.

So you start stretching. And they laugh.

12. Your little cousin finds your porn collection.

In the folder named ‘ Chhota Bheem ‘.

13. You’re the only one laughing in the whole theater.

At a death scene.

14. You realize your fly was open the whole time.

And you thought women were checking you out.

15. You realize you’ve been staring someone this whole time.

And they creep out and tell on you.

16. When your relative stops you from touching their feet, but you weren’t really going to.

So now you have to.

17. Taking a dump at a friend’s place.

And it was noisy.

18. Your stomach is grumbling and the room goes silent.

In the middle of a board meeting.

19. You say bye to someone and realize you’re going in the same direction.

And you end up going to the exact same place, in separate cabs.

20. Your parents join Facebook and add your friends.

And send them Candy Crush requests.

21. Tripping, then trying to act cool.

And tripping again.

22. You stumble upon your father at the panwaari .

You both didn’t know the other smoked!

I hope this won’t be awkward to share. Let me know if something weird happened to you recently. I’ll laugh.