Our parents have proved time and again that they are indeed our best friends. They believe in us and stand by us through all our ups and downs. Sure, they are the first people to have seen us in our birthday suits, but there are certain twisted situations that life throws at us when we just can’t look our parents in the eyes. All of us have faced these little emergencies when we have felt butt naked in front of them yet again!

These highly embarrassing times in front of parents have left us looking for a place to hide our faces in:

1. The F-word comes so naturally to you, at times you blurt it out in front of your parents and face the death stare !

2. You are watching a movie with your parents and suddenly BAM, a long kissing scene!

3. You write a hopelessly romantic text for your boyfriend/girlfriend, and accidentally send it to your parents.

4. Your parents bump into your teacher at a party and come to know that you have been bunking classes. What follows is explosive.

5. You forget to close the browser after watching bad things on the laptop. You share the laptop with your parents.

6. Your parents are out and chance pe dance maar ke, you have invited your boyfriend/girlfriend home. They come back early.

7. While emptying the pockets of your jeans for washing, your mother is horrified to come across a condom!

8. Your friends call you and begin the conversation with a shower of censored words. And then they realize that it’s your dad!

9. Your parents decided that you are old enough and personally subject you to sex education. *awkward*

10. You pass out after a party and your friends are carrying you back home. Your parents open the door.

11. Your friends upload scandalous photos of you on FB. Your parents like it.

12. Your parents catch you smoking away to glory in the nearby marketplace.

These moments are super awkward, but on the bright side, they make for entertaining stories to tell later on!