Being an adult is hard and let’s not forget that with adulthood comes a lot of responsibility. 

The responsibility of taking care of a refrigerator. 

No, really! If you’re a person who lives alone with their goddamn fridge, you’d know the struggles you have to face dealing with it. Whether it’s the cleaning or deciding what to keep where, the struggle is real. 

East India Comedy’s Azeem Banatwalla describes the importance of a refrigerator in his comedy sketch ‘Man vs Fridge’ and it can’t be any more relatable.  


He begins by talking about how he finally understood the value of leftover food once he shifted out of his parent’s place and started living all by himself. He understood that no matter how much you try, finding a place to keep a container inside the fridge is no lesser than an achievement. 

He continues by saying that Indian refrigerators indeed have a set of basic rules which involves keeping all-round food articles in the first shelf. The second shelf is reserved for all the extra seasonings that have ever been ordered from Domino’s Pizza.   

But he really hits a chord when he says that no matter how big your refrigerator is, it will never have enough space to keep everything (even if you’re as rich as a certain Ambani)

Banatwalla has made us see our refrigerator in a whole new light and there’s no way to unsee it. 

You can watch the entire comedy set here.