There are two types of people who look for houses for rent; the family walas and the bachelors. 

The family walas have it easy. A marriage certificate in the capital means a crime-proof, drug-proof, sex-proof tenant.

The bachelors, however, are scrutinised till kingdom come. And the reason for such behaviour is more often than not, ridiculous. 

There is an F word and there is a C word, but what the landlords find more offensive is a B word.

What did we ever do to wrong you? We are nice people, in a city looking for opportunities. 


Landlords want their tenants to be sanskari people which somehow bachelors are not.  

They believe bachelors are horny people whose only goal in life is to have sex. No exceptions for the fact that every human being in the world is different than the other. 


Every bachelor in the world is a spoilt brat who does drugs, or worse, sells drugs. 

Yes, that is true. If you are a single man in search of an apartment, it is highly likely that you smoke pot, you eat pot, you piss pot and you shit pot. Not all of us are potheads, man!


People also assume that bachelors drink booze every day.

It is believed that all bachelors are heavy drinkers and can’t go a day without alcohol. Old Monk is our water and we have enough money to buy it every fucking day, right?


All bachelors are unhygienic fucks who never clean their rooms.

Yes, apparently we don’t clean our rooms and make the house a shit hole. Uhhm, no. Some of us might not be hygienic but most of us actually are. And just so you know, nobody likes living in a minefield of contagious diseases. We are not suicidal!


Bachelors are unsanskari people who have late night parties.

And we also invite other unsanskari people and have unsanskari orgies. We are honoured that you think so highly of us but this is all just some random bullshit your devious self has come up with.


All bachelors are conmen who don’t pay rent on time.

Apparently, we like stalling the payments. We don’t know what kind of tenants you have had, but married people also delay their rents. And the next time you make that complaint, why don’t you do something about the repairs you had promised us. 


Bachelors are people who pack up their bags and leave without prior notice.

I don’t know what you think of us, but from where I stand, we have college, jobs, careers and a life, which we cannot abandon without prior notice, you insecure fuck!


Bachelors are uncivilised fucks who play loud music.

We are said to be people, who play loud music late at night! What about the fuckall jagratas you have all night with all those loudspeakers.


Bachelors have sex.

So do you! WTF are you complaining about? What we do behind closed doors is none of your fucking concern, is it? Also, we are bachelors, remember! Not all of us have the privilege!

Bachelors are a bad influence on children.

We don’t know, man. If your kid gets influenced by the limited interactions we have with them despite living his/her entire life with you, maybe you are a fuckall parent!


So the next time you feel like being a dick to us, maybe don’t. We are nice people. We might have some quirks but that’s different from person to person and a marriage certificate is no way to change that!