Doesn’t matter how lonely and desperate you are, there’s one thing that won’t leave you alone. Advertisements! They are all over our lives. On the Internet, on the television, all over your favorite movie, on the streets, public transport, on your favorite players; even in your food.

But sometimes, they are at places where they shouldn’t be. And that’s where they fail so bad, it’s funny. Let’s look at some of these misplaced ads that caused real comedy of errors.

1. Sure, when you put it that way. Sign me up.

2. I see a possibility.

3. Oh! Not 404!

4. “I speak for Jesus!”- Cat

5. Everything in moderation.

6. Let’s try and correct that mistake.

7. Motor-boat. Sorry, bus, I meant bus.

8. I see. Coke is addictive.

9. OMG! Put away the gun. It’s a baby.

10. Take control. Quit school.

11. Don’t worry. Daddy’s having fun.

12. I’m not touching that. I’ll walk.

13. Finally!

14. Way to go, Turks!

15. Shameless indeed.

16. What are you hiding there?

17. Nestle Ice cream- Now in garbage flavor too.

18. Mmm… Fabulous!

19. You do the math.

20. Ashleel gaajar !

21. ” Jaise loha lohe ko kaat-ta hai… OK nevermind…

22. That’s a little harsh.

23. I will not take it lightly. More cheese!

24. To be fair, this one is well placed. Funeral services.

25. He said it! Be a rebel!

All pictures have been compiled from izismile