‘Bacchey bhagwan ka roop hote hain’ . The ones who’d said it, probably never had any of their own. They are pure evil. Mummy kasam , no kidding. And the worst part is that they can get away with anything. Like seriously, anything. Thanks to their puppy eyes and those chubby cheeks. Damn it!

But not anymore. For we’ve collected some serious evidences that prove your little one can be the next Lucifer. Check it out.

1. Oh, I had no idea that those were your favourite magazines.

Daily Haha

2. Take that for telling us Santa was real.

Верблюд Джо

3. Hasta Lavista, Baby.

Smile Post

4. Oops I did it again !


5. Best day ever!


6. Surprise, MoFo!

Kai Tong Parenting

7. Soon…very soon.


8. So you’re telling me I can never ever be a hairdresser?

Trend Ting

9. So you cleaned me up. It’d be a shame if I shit myself again.


10. Oh-kay, so that’s the Grand Canyon.

Chucks Fun

11. Babysit her they said. It’d be easy they said.

Humor Sharing

12. You still wanna give me a bath now?

Img Arcade

13. She doesn’t know it yet, but I just peed.

Sathish Kumar

14. Let’s show these losers how it’s done.

Pix Good

15. What? I’d warned him.

Smile Post

16. Up yours, photographer.

Smile Post

17. Surprise! We whitewashed the house. Thank us later.

I Village

18. And then Donald Duck ran his sketch pen all over your couch.

Humor Sharing

19. Jackpot!

Chuck’s Fun

20. What? He’d always wanted a tattoo, didn’t he?

Chuck’s Fun

Don’t let this post deter you from ever having children. Come to think of it, they aren’t that bad. (I’m just saying this because a 5 year old is pointing a gun towards me. Peace!)