So you think you cannot dance?

If the dance floor makes you nervous, we’ve found the cure!  Once you look at these hilarious “dance moves”, you’ll feel like a pro yourself. If you’re a good dancer however, you might forget your moves forever.

From Bollywood to Bhojpuri to Tamil films, here’s presenting 15 of the most hilarious and amazingly sexist choreographic fails, converted to gifs for your viewing displeasure. Really, what were the choreographers thinking!

1. The Sniffer

2. The “Somewhere Else” Se Goli Maare

3. Touch-Me-Not Grinding

No touching of crucial body parts. Approved by Alok Nath.

4. The Da Vinci Loop

5. Pants + Face Cleaner

6. The Hand Shake

7. The Naagin Crunch

8. The Goofy

9. The Pelvic Shock

10. The Shoulder Shizzle

11. The Big Junk Theory

12. The Grabbing

13. The Belly Dance. Literally.

14. The Sniffer Extreme

15. The Yeah… No

P.S.: A moment of silence for my YouTube history.