Some of us love getting clicked. Others love taking selfies. And then, there are those elite few who click photographs only with celebrities. And that too without their knowledge. 'Cause these ninjas have a special weapon with them. It's called Photoshop. Isn't technology wonderful?

Check out these people as they make the most of cut, copy and paste. After all, shauk badi cheez hai.

1. Time nahin hai. Sab kuch ek hi photo mein kar daalte hain.

Source: Bashny

2. I love you. Roger that.

Source: Sbs

3. Ek se mera kya hoga?

Source: Funik

4. Taking the name ' sheru ' literally.

Source: CiliChili

5. Mere brother ki dulhan .

6. Bhai sahab , yeh ladies seat hai .

Source: Warframe

7. Casanova detected.

Source: Hanitube

8. Name's gambler. Gullu gambler.

Source: Quora

9. Ever loved someone so much you just wanna smell their armpit?

Source: Quora

10. Halka hone khet mein gaya tha . Girlfriend mil gayi .

Source: Netdosti

11. Got it girls?

Source: Hello-pet

12. Reason why Titanic sank.

Source: Quora

13. Irony Man.

Source: Quora

14. Howzzat!

Source: NidoKidos

15. Zaara Zaara touch me touch me touch me.

16. No khushi, always gham.

Source: Imgarcade

17. Desi Avengers.

Source: Natmastak

18. I'm Electro.

Source: AWS

19. Because real men don't look into explosions.

Source: Imgur

20. They see me rollin', they photoshoppin'.

Source: Karsinkk

21. Lion hearted.

Source: Amusing Fun

22. Best friends forever.

Source: Filmy keeday

Let's maintain a moment's silence for Photoshop, who died a terrible death. May your soul rest in peace.